Twitter highlights for Saturday of the 2010 LITA National Forum


conference logoWere you unable to attend the 2010 LITA National Forum in Atlanta? Find twitter streams a bit overwhelming, lacking in context, or chronologically confusing?

Here is your solution: a re-organized, select set of relevant and/or funny tweets for each of the talks given on Saturday. Please post comments if I've missed any particularly good tweets!

I'll also be posting links to the slides and posters, when I can find them. I've also posted similar summaries for the other days of the LITA conference, including: Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.


General Session: Using the Cloud to Please the Crowd, Roy Tennant (video & slides)

  • roy says the hashtag for this session is #roysucks we love you roy! [wanderingeyre]
  • Okay - ready for the Tennmeister :) [rulebrit]
  • keynote roy tennant says tag for this session is #roysucks but he rarely does [ncolyar]
  • roy's talk already so engaging, i forgot that i shd be taking notes. [lisacarlucci]
  • The cloud cures cancer! I heard at #litaforum, it must be true! #roysucks #fb [ninermac]
  • The Internet gave us the ability to be spammed. Yay! [acmorton]
  • @royt wears a slide rule on his belt #roysucks [asnagy]
  • Roy echoing Kurzweil's speed of change argument. [griffey]
  • Prob w/ ParaShift is that it's overused, not that its bad term RT @ncolyar: #roysucks used the dreaded words 'paradigm shift' & 'shift happens', & he is right   [mkny13]
  •  History of tech change from RTennant at [jeanphilli]
  • Nice product placement for Dell #roysucks [mkny13]
  • back channel hashtag = #royrules ;) @mkny13: *I* want to know what the back channel hashtag is [lisacarlucci]
  • Cloud computing is on demand computing, always available, like electricity. [acmorton]
  • The universe ain't infinite #nitpicking #roysucks [mkny13]
  • It will scale on demand - less paper less planning [mfrisque]
  • "No more f-ing RFQs ... infrastructure becomes someone else's problem" #roysucks [mkny13]
  • 1. aspect of cloud: "infinite, immediately available computer power". infrastructure becomes someone else's headache #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • U don't need to prepare to scale with cloud computing, it's someone else's headache [dailiness]
  • Google's "server farm" consists of environmentally controlled shipping containers! [vickyleather]
  • You need hot dogs, go get hot dogs. You need computing power, go get it! #roysucks, [acmorton]
  • I so want to be Roy when I grow up. #royrules [griffey]
  • #roysucks his example is just like a call my husband got from the lsu pres for a class web site LOL [ncolyar]
  • Computing power has become a commodity - can create a site in minutes not days [mfrisque]
  • Roy's boss needs a new drupal site for his wife's "boxing club" so Roy logs into Amazon web svces & creates one-voila! #roysucks [vickyleather]
  • roy just pulled off the most brilliant mid-presentation skit ever #royrules [lisacarlucci]
  • Is this demo costing Roy $? #roysucks [mkny13]
  • @lisacarlucci: "we just got Roy rolled" #roysucks #royrules [ninermac]
  • Roy spinning up a Drupal install live on Amazon EC2 during his keynote. #royrules [griffey]
  • Setting up a Drupal instance on the fly w/ Amazon/AWS. Fun way to make the point. #roysucks (that's his suggested hashtag! :P) [bradamant]
  • Thanks to #roysucks, I want to play with cloud computing now! [adellefrank]
  • Dancing hippos at #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • should hv shouted 'asparagus girls' RT @adellefrank: Dancing hippos at #roysucks [ncolyar]
  • Anyone else notice that Roy's Amazon password was rather short for such a critical site? #roysucks [mkny13]
  • Roy Tenant "I'm going to take all your black t-shirts so you have nothing to wear" [shortskinylatte]
  • Very effective demo of power of cloud computing. #roysucks [varnum]
  • 2. aspect of cloud: easy come, easy go. #roysicks [adellefrank]
  • 2. Don't need a huge investment, pay 4 what u use, don't need 2 stick w/ it bcause u invested n it. [etlib]
  • Recognizing sunk costs is always hard #roysucks [mkny13]
  • #roysucks no longer have to stick w something just b/c u hv a big ibvestment in it [ncolyar]
  • Everything's a "puppy" to Roy... #roysucks [mbklein]
  • cloud lowers commitment barrier (makes it easy to play or create a start up) #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • No more "we have to get out money out of it!" start it up, shut it down #roysucks #royrules [ninermac]
  • it's a general store RT @ mkny13: Still seems weird that the same place where I can buy socks is also the place to host my infrastructure #amazon #roysucks [ncolyar]
  • Yeah, but it's like walking into Sears and buying a house. Or a factory. RT @ncolyar: it's a general store #roysucks [mkny13]
  •   once upon a time Sears sold houses--and they were pretty good houses too [kgs  @mkny13 @ncolyar]
  • I actually lived in an old Sears house, come to think if it RT @kgs @ncolyar Sears sold houses--and they were pretty good houses [ mkny13]
  • cloud creates fertile ground for innovation via a quick, web-scale business #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • "Run a business for 300 to 600 a month on an F'ing credit card" #roysucks [asnagy]
  • #roysucks  Yes, you could go startup. But keep day job and health insurance and deal with exhaustion. Startups have time costs. [hleman]
  • 3. aspect of cloud: ubiquitous information. #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • Can get to gmail on any device, at any time or location. #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • Files that r only ny desktop r not useful 2 me, they need 2 be n the cloud. [etlib]
  • Ubiquitous information -hi speed intranet penetration, phone service: files accessible on laptop iPad phone #roysucks #royrules [ninermac]
  • Roy T- "cost of innovation is approaching zero" [shortskinylatte]
  • 4. aspect of cloud: cost of innovation is forever lowered #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • potential drawbacks of cloud: security; downtime; network latency #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • Excellent point about security #roysucks [mkny13]
  • "If your servers never go down, you're God, I want to hire you" #roysucks [ninermac]
  • Can meet niche needs better, because barrier is lower #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • #roysucks #royrules OCLC will hv 2 imprv support 2 mk web scale servives successful 4 them!!! [ncolyar]
  • RT "you never fall in the same river twice." [shortskinylatte]
  • "Embrace the cloud: allows you to try things out at a faster pace, fail, succeed, & move on" #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • Q&A: check out APPLICATIONS at #roysucks Future is open science? [adellefrank]
  • will th panel incl tech support? RT @griffey: If anyone is interested in the OCLC web scale ILS, panel today at 3:20 in room 206. [ncolyar]
  • Roy said you can make your own specific images and upload them to Amazon EC2. [vickyleather]
  • Lack of flexibility in cloud a drawback? #roysucks U can choose vanilla, customizable cloud setup. Few situations need non-cloud. [adellefrank]
  • wonder how granular the ACLs can b. RT @vickyleather: Libraries should be looking at Amazon EC2 & S3 and experimenting with them. [ncolyar]
  • Tennant: necessity is the mother of cloud computing. #roysucks [beatricepulliam]
  • I disagree. Production env often do. And truly good sec. RT @adellefrank: #roysucks Few situations need non-cloud. [ncolyar]
  • Great talk. Gave good ideas to take back to institution about why we need to prepare for the future. #royrules [vacekrae]
  • embrace the cloud, make mistakes, and move on.. [beatricepulliam]
  • "How easy will it be to move your cloud-based data from one service to another?" Ask that up front! [vickyleather]
  • Loaded questions from audience--data rights, portability w/Amazon services #roysucks [mkny13]
  • What the what, ? Much aggression in room re moving to the cloud. #royrules [griffey]
  • I am getting much more comfortable saying that within librarianship, I am an awesome go-to person for all this cloud stuff. [julian2]
  • Cloud computing may not be appropriate for sensitive info like FERPA & HIPPA. #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • "cloud computing is not a panacea, but it will cure a lot of our ills." so it DOES cure cancer?! #roysucks [ninermac]
  • Surprised by concerned tone of questions from floor about cloud computing. #roysucks [varnum]
  • Good mai tais downstairs. :) #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • got us thinking! RT @griffey: What the what, ? Much aggression in room re moving to the cloud. #royrules [ncolyar]
  • re: 'angry' questions it seems to me that those folks are worried abt their expertise not being needed as much? Not true! [jenmasc]
  • Props in this session to code4lib journal #roysucks [adellefrank]
  • could cloud work for smaller scale (public) institutions? Library with little more than a webserver--what's cost/benefit? [mkny13]
  • #roysucks CloUd computing: keeping library services responsive to user needs and wants despite local IT... [danhlawrence]
  • Not at #litaforum myself but from the tweets of it perhaps some folks should read [adr] - LANGUAGE warning (not safe for kids)
  • #roysux A bit of paranoia in the room. Does cloud computing portend the death of Library IT? [rudeamy]
  • Re: Roy T's #litaforum talk: links and apps to check out and data sets: [hleman]

Doing it with Drupal
Cody Hanson (University of Minnesota), Wayne Loftus (University of Minnesota Health Science Libraries)

  • APC and memcache for Drupal. The UMN session was pretty cool. [rulebrit ] 

Shibboleth Access to Licensed Library Resources Through InCommon
Andy Ingham (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), David Kennedy (Duke University) (Presentation slides)

  • Proxy vs. Shibboleth [Librarian_Liesl]
  • university faculty member asked why librarians should care if students who had graduated still had access to library resources. [vickyleather]
  • Andrew says we need to let our faculty, staff, and students know that the college has paid for access to these resources. [vickyleather]

Mobile Applications and Virtual Libraries: Process, Issues, and Outcomes
Katie E. Gohn, Karen Minton (GALILEO, University System of Georgia)

  • no tweets :(

Pecha Kucha: Technology In The Library
Christine Ayar , Rob Cullin (Evanced Solutions), Kimberly Bolan-Cullin

On the Cheap: Frugal Usability for Digital Collections
Lisa Gregory, Amy Rudersdorf (State Library of North Carolina) (Presentation slides)

  • Usability: "Cheap and small is better than nothing at all" [chawnerb]

Usability for Tough Times
Kenneth J. Varnum, Suzanne Chapman (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor) (Presentation slides)

  • Ken Varnum: "Our old site, maybe like yours, was sort of a tribute to Yahoo circa 1996." You can say that again. [bradamant]

Using Scrum to Streamline Web Applications Development and Improve Transparency
Michelle Frisque (Northwestern University) (Presentation slides)

  • Come see my presentation on Scrum in room 206. [mfrisque]
  • Learning about Scrum in depth at #litaforum with @mfrisque. Awesome session. [vacekrae]
  • Anyone im other academic libraries out there using Scrum? #scrum [vacekrae]
  • we've used scrum for 3 months, starting with drupal migration. Our programmer, recent comp sci grad, got us into it [ninermac  @vacekrae]

From Static & Stale to Dynamic & Collaborative: The Drupal Difference
Susan C. Perry, Ann Hubble,  Deborah Murphy (University of
California, Santa Cruz) (Presentation slides) (Handout)

LibX 2.0: Embedding Customized Services into the User's Web
Annette Bailey (Virginia Tech)

  • LibX 2.0 with Annette Bailey beginning momentarily. [vickyleather]
  • New LibX 2.0 looks very powerful, flexible. I hope a lively community emerges around module creation. [varnum]
  • "Am I stepping on the Internet"? Annette Bailey. [varnum]
  • New LibX is a badge in the browser, not a toolbar. [varnum]
  •  LibX - Just installed College of Dupage Library app in Chrome. Love it! [vickyleather]

Cataloging Staff Participation in Tag Creation
Suzanne R. Graham (University of Georgia School of Law Library) (Handout)

  • no tweets :(

JSTOR’s ‘Data for Research’: Mining hundreds of years of scholarship
Ron Snyder (ITHAKA), Kristen Garlock (ITHAKA/JSTOR)

  • no tweets :(

The Phased Implementation of a Digital Asset Management System
Mary Katherine Barnes, Elizabeth F. Keathley (UPS) (Presentation Slides)

  • If you want to know where the library jobs are in the business world, learn about #DAM. My #litaforum session is today at 1:30 in 211. [EinAtlanta]
  • phased digital asset mgmt session presenters under brand/communications division. I <3 logistics! [adellefrank ]
  • Phase 1. Define requirements: inventory & prioritize. [adellefrank ]
  • Priorities set to align with business strategy. [adellefrank ]
  • you mean not just randomly pick something to do based on what you feel like? What is this "strategy" u refer to? [kgs  @adellefrank]
  • UPS had to redesign user interface, especially search for front end of dig asset mgmt system, used Flex. [adellefrank ]
  • UPS metadata models: photos, logos/graphics, documents, video/audio, web [adellefrank
  • Access control lists (ACLs) key to limiting search results to what you want/should see. [adellefrank]
  • Louisville UPS wanted asset mgt and were fairly organized, so they were 1st group. But still had to de-duplicate. [adellefrank]
  • UPS crosswalked metadata from SQL to XML. Importance of linking assets behind the scenes. [adellefrank]
  • Focus on user experience FIRST, so they will use it and we give clear ROI. [adellefrank]
  • UPS risk-averse so rights metadata is CRUCIAL. [adellefrank]
  • UPS users in DAM want RSS feeds of their specific searches. Internationalization question, too. [adellefrank]

Cloud Computing Calculator
Cassi Pretlow (Denver Public Library)

  • Cloud Computing Calculator. Presentation done using Google Docs. [julian2]
  • Note:topic reraised in Cloud Calc session-valid points & I was int. to hear. Just surprised by tone [mkny13 @10AM @bmljenny @acmorton]

Editorial and Technological Workflow Tools for a Busy Website
Emily Morton-Owens (NYU Health Sciences Libraries) (Presentation Slides)

  • Want to get other staff to contribute to the website rather than doing it all yourself? Use editorial workflow! 2:10pm, room 203 [bradamant]
  • Aspects of editorial work that apply to developing web content: quality, choice, and presentation @bradamant [ninermac]
  • Editorial process should be proportional to setting. [adellefrank]
  • Without workflow in place, no one's really in charge of content or goals. [adellefrank]
  • Need a schedule for reviewing content & policy for taking down content. [adellefrank]
  • at drupalcamp so not at LITA (obviously) but would love to see your preso and/or notes.[georgiawebgurl @bradamant]
  • Price of content bottleneck: no time for developing new stuff. [adellefrank]
  • Workflow includes style guide for diff roles (i.e. marketing looks for tone & completeness; admins for HTML quality) [adellefrank]
  • Anyone in staff role can retire a page, but not delete. [adellefrank]
  • Drupal modules used include rules, workspace, node expire, workflow [adellefrank]
  • I think I've fallen in <3 with the workflow module for drupal! [adellefrank]
  • 3 separate web workflow models based on high visibility, newsiness, or other is sound advice @bradamant [danhlawrence]
  • Testers pretend to play diff roles for drupal workflow set up. Warm fuzzies from humor in auto email response liked by users. [adellefrank]
  • Like use of very specific auto emails with drupal workflow. Don't require people to be in system. [adellefrank]
  • Node expire module altered to send reminders every 4 months - friendly persuasion - to authors to update their content. [adellefrank]
  • Hide options and steps from people who don't need to see them (make it look easy) [adellefrank]
  • thanks for a great session! Great info/ideas & exactly what I need to get staff adding content to our new Drupal site [ninermac @bradamant]
  • great session, thanks. looking to apply ur roles and workflow modeling in a multi-agency/sector collaborative project [danhlawrence @bradamant]
  • Gratified to have such an engaged audience & good questions at #litaforum presentation! V. glad I finally got to present on this topic. #fb [bradamant]

Primo Central and bX: Truly the Crowd in the Cloud!
Michael Kaplan (Ex Libris North America, Inc.)

  • Michael Kaplan is presenting Primo, Primo Central, and bX at the LITA National Forum today [ExLibrisGroup]

The Why Report: Tech Themes for Tech Services
Lisa Carlucci Thomas (Southern Connecticut State University), Holly Tomren (University of California - Irvine) (Presentation Slides)



  •  Tech Themes for Tech Services. Having worked in technical services, I know this is important. Worried about target demo... [julian2]
  • Watching @lisacarlucci and @htomren rock the #litaforum re: emerging tech for library tech services [rtennant]
  • "Strategy is what happens between enthusiasm and experience" well said @lisacarlucci [ninermac]

Engaging with Scholars: Video Recording Your Institute's Research One Lecture at a Time
Julie Speer (Georgia Institute of Technology), Katie Gentilello (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • no tweets :(

Developing a Geospatial Data Infrastructure: Standards and Technologies
Kim Durante, Michael Page, Stacey Martin (Emory University) (Presentation Slides)

  • no tweets :(

Promoting Open-Source Software Through Cloud Deployment
Michael B. Klein, Margaret Mellinger (Oregon State University) (Presentation Slides)

Capturing Community Memories: The Kete Project
Brenda Chawner (Victoria University of Wellington), Jo Ransom (Horowhenua Library Trust) (Presentation Slides)

WorldCat Local at Loyola: Implementation and Use Experience
Chulin Meng (Loyola University Chicago)

  • no tweets :(

Generalizing mobile applications for multiple libraries
Erik Mitchell (Wake Forest University) (Presentation Slides)

  •  How do we identify mobile-friendly/compatible resources in our discovery systems? [julian2]
  •  enjoying "Generalizing mobile applications for multiple libraries" [shortskinylatte]
  •  Coming to the conclusion that pub libs trail FAR behind acad libs w/ #cloud. Also, acad libs tend to not want to do their own IT. [julian2]
  • We need to relinquish the illusion of control. [varnum]
  •  I think pub libs have more need for local IT mgmt. Not all can ($), but those that can, should. We think #cloud diff than acad. [julian2]

Staff Training and the Mob Rule
Michelle Boule

Let's Talk: The Unsession
Gregg Silvis (University of Delaware Library), Kristin Antelman (North Carolina State University)

  • Fantastic discussion at the unsession. Got lucky with size of group and mix of voices, methinks. Nice meeting new ppl [mkny13]

Cloudy with a Chance for Cooperation: Cloud-based Library Management
Rob Ross (OCLC) Jennifer Pearson (OCLC) Gina Persichini (Idaho Commission for Libraries)  Michael Dula (Pepperdine University) Kyle Banerjee (Orbis Cascade Alliance) Jason Griffey (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

  • About to take a look at oclc's new cloudy ils app [dleonard]
  • Rob Ross - looking at Voyager circ - it's shocking. <grin> [rulebrit]
  • WMS is our attempt to be a revolutionary vendor. (Ross) But still there's a big cube floating behind him ;) [rulebrit]
  • @griffey and other presenters rocking session. Drool forming when thinking of possibilities with OCLC WMS. [vacekrae]
  • if we were designing library data architecture from ground up 2day we wld just assume this model [kgs @vacekrae @griffey]
  • Orbis Cascade and Pepperdine make good cases for WMS [rulebrit]
  • It's 2010 - there should be NO workarounds. Amen [rulebrit @GinaMLS]

Poster Sessions

  1. Web Design with the Brain in Mind: insights from cognitive & information science, by Adelle Frank: Poster; Paper
  2. Creating and Marketing a Free Web-Based Listing of Grant, Scholarship and Other Funding Types: ScanGrants as a Case Study, by Hope Leman: Handout; Presentation Slides
  3. Riding the Wave: Using Google for Library Committee Collaboration, by Teressa Keenan: Poster, Handout
  4. Texting call numbers from the catalog: A look at a semester of use at the SDSU library, by Keven Jeffery & Brian Moore: Poster
  5. Beyond Second Life: An Exploration of Real Libraries in Virtual Worlds, by Rebecca Miller,Jorie Porter, Jenna Ryan,& Nancy Colyar: Poster; Handout 
  6. TTYL IRL: Strategies and Tools for Remote Library Teams, by Susan Teague-Rector & Erin White: Poster
  7. Using virtualized or cloud resources for storage or computing in libraries, by Nancy Colyar: Poster
  • Getting my materials ready on ScanGrants for poster session at four. Not too nervous. (Eeeek!) [hleman]
  • For people who have to do web design, but are not designers: my funnily-sketched poster has tips for YOU. Saturday 4-6 [adellefrank]
  • be sure yo (re)install your favorite qr reader before checking out the poster sessions ;) [danhlawrence]
  • Good sessions at #litaforum and enjoyed trying out QR codes at poster session. [cvarkey]
  • Google Wave failed (IMHO) because it was invitation-only && not interoperable with old-fashioned email. Result was that you could only have artificial conversations with subsets of who you really want to talk to. In short, I was never able to use it to do anything *real* so stopped using. Also uncanny to have emails turn into chats. [bradamant]

Fun Memes & Closing Thoughts

  • Bummed to have missed evening #litaforum scene. Food poisoning from peach tree center mall food at lunch. Don't eat there! [frierson]
  • Things not found at  #litaforum: A jam session. [RschDev]
  • AV club in full effect at [LITAForum]
  • well not yet. the day is young. RT @RschDev: Thing not seen at #litaforum: Massage therapy. [ncolyar]
  • Soliciting opinions--focus in this session and generally this wkend seems to be academic, not so much public ... #roysucks [mkny13]
  • @mkny13 More academic than public at because there's more funding for conferences in academic? [adellefrank]
  • nope RT @adellefrank: @mkny13 More academic than public at because there's more funding for conferences in academic? [ncolyar]
  • re: "More academic than public at #litaforum..." And not many special librarians. Travel freezes in healthcare one issue. [hleman  @adellefrank]
  • Lunch topic, if any1 interested--applying ideas from on small scale of public libs [mkny13]
  • Things not seen at #litaforum: a drum circle. [RschDev]
  • Seeing folks here I used to see back in the SOLINET days, I'm happy to say. Clearly this is the right conference for me. [EinAtlanta]
  • lunch topic idea: I heart iPad. Show and tell favorite apps, using in library, etc. Find me at lunch, I'll grab a table. [bmljenny]
  • Who we're sharing the Hilton with: [RschDev]
  • Mixing with Association of Old Crows conferencers [beatricepulliam]
  • being preggers and sitting in hotel meeting rm chairs is not a happy combo [wanderingeyre]
  • Things not seen at : Linux laptops. [RschDev]
  • I left the Ubuntu netbook at home. :) [rulebrit @RschDev] 
  • Boy am I glad for twitter convos--I'm not socially inept type of geek but I suck at/hate striking up conversations f2f [mkny13]
  • Premium seats at sessions - those next to the electrical outlets :) [rulebrit]
  • Who we're sharing the Hilton with: [RschDev]
  • Things not seen at #litaforum: International attendees. [RschDev]
  •  just read/love your shirt; no coincidence that so many of us have undergrad degrees in English! Code IS poetry [ninermac @griffey]
  • Which would you rather read: bad poetry/bad code? RT @ninermac: @griffey <snip> Code IS poetry [mkny13]
  • Asks how to balance responding to what people ask for with what you believe they will ask for tomorrow [dleonard]
  • Nowhere will you see more comfortable shoes and iPads than at a librarian conference. FTW! [RedPandaReads]
  • I know at least 1 lib that checks out lawn mowers RT @beatricepulliam: What CAN'T you check out in a vending machine? [mkny13]
  • Not-librarian hubs just busted out this gem: "Cloud is just magically there, managed by unicorns and gnomes." [ninermac]
  • hubs elaborated that IT chicks=unicorns and IT dudes=gnomes [ninermac  @jenmasc] 
  •   Things not seen at #litaforum: tap dancing polar bear. [RschDev]
  • @RschDev I did see a dancing polar bear, don't think he knew tap. More soft-shoe. [griffey ]
  •   I just realized that #litaforum is being held at the DragonCon Hilton. Would be so weird to see librarians instead of people in costumes. [annacreech]
  • oooh oooh how 'bout librarians IN costumes?! ;) [ninermac @annacreech]
  • That would be awesome. There were several librarians in costumes at DragonCon this year, too. [annacreech @ninermac]
  • But might be some of the same people! [nouveau_library @annacreech]
  • Branding is crucial and so is political support for the Federal Research Public Access Act and Open Access period. [hleman @vickyleather]
  • I mentioned at Roy Tennant's talk that the next paradigm shift will be the many types of Open. Background [hleman]
  • Primer: My Open Sesame: The Open Science and Open Data Movements and Their Implications for Librarians here [hleman]
  •  Here are examples of what is happening in the next paradigm shift Open Science/Open Data Video [hleman]
  • schedule of the recent Open Science Summit-- scan for quick take on who is who and what it encompasses [hleman]
  •  More info to scan to get a handle on Open Science and how it is changing science and academia and libraries [hleman]
  •  Participant says libraries should be looking at and Twas moi. Look: [hleman @vickyleather]
  • Here are APIs from the National Library of Medicine We need to lead in this space. Let's make stuff! [hleman]
  • Two thinkers to watch on Open Data VIctoria Stodden and Heather Piwowar [hleman]
  • showing angry birds game for ipad over lunch [wanderingeyre @griffey]
  • soundbox app for ipad looks fun [wanderingeyre]
  • lots of parents at the table so now they r showing ipad games for kids and kids at heart [wanderingeyre]
  • my boys fight over grandma's iPad because it has battleship on it [ninermac @wanderingeyre]
  • writing my presentation notes old skool style on paper bc has pres note function fail #technologyfail [wanderingeyre]
  •  which IT products work best in the cloud? [rudeamy]
  • Things not seen at #litaforum: pink and purple dyed hair. [RschDev]
  •   I saw purple! :) RT @RschDev: Things not seen at #litaforum: pink and purple dyed hair. [ninermac]
  • room 206 is now a major contributor to global warming - hilton fail! [dleonard]
  • Heady from all of the cloud talk, a fan and proponent, but still need to keep one foot on the floor, like in the old movies... [beatricepulliam]
  • headed to Little Five Points for record store perusal and beer. mmm . . . cask ale. [prophecygrrl]
  • BET Hip Hop Awards happening nearby. Cee-Lo where are you? [beatricepulliam]
  • Library Technology conference in Atlanta this weekend, too, with lots of drupal sessions #dcatl #litaforum [adellefrank]
  • two suffering bastards and good company were had at Trader Vic's . Feel like a pirate stuck in Polynesia...[beatricepulliam]