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Immunizations, Vaccines, & Shots: Oh, My! (Traveling to India series)

Toy holding shotThese injection recommendations are for adults travelling to India for only 3 weeks or less (in December 2011) and staying in mostly urban areas. Prices are listed for the CVS minute clinic and vaccines are separated into categories of: highly recommended, recommended, and probably not needed.

Warning: This blog should NOT substitute for seeing a health professional! See your doctor before travelling to India for advice specific to your needs and risk factors.

How to get your passport and visa (Traveling to India series)

Passport and visaYou decided. You are going to India. Congratulations! Your first step is to get your documents in order. 

I will cover the following tips and tricks to speed you on your way: get your passport first, buying extra passport photos and what not to wear in them, fees for both your passport and visa applications, special types of materials and information needed for the visa application, and where to mail your visa materials.

CSA: an adventure with local food in Atlanta, Georgia

Small Farms CSA on Wordpress We are getting delicious, healthy food through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Atlanta and (bonus!) supporting our local farmers.

Each week last Fall, I posted pictures and details about what we received from the Small Farms CSA (run by the Love is Love farm) in our regular 13-week session ($350 produce + $100 meat).

You can read the reports on our Fall harvests below, as well as learning more about the upcoming 17-week Spring 2011 session ($435 produce + $100 meat).

Local, organic produce share for $350 from the Small Farms CSA (Fall 2010)

A summary of the goodies that we got in our Fall/Winter share from our our local CSA (Small Farms, run by the Love is Love farm).

As Joe said, it truly was "the season of roots and greens"!

I've broken the produce out by type of vegetable and, as you can see by the total numbers at the top, we got A HUGE AMOUNT of leafy greens, roots, and vegetable fruits. I've also tried to include some of my thoughts on each item, either recipes or storage or just general reflections.

Local, organic meat share for $100 from the Small Farms CSA (Fall 2010)

Total: 6 lbs. ground beef, 8 lbs. pork sausage & 2 hens.

If you enjoy local, organic meat: this is a great deal!

We signed up for this meat share as part of our local CSA (Small Farms, run by the Love is Love farm), you can read the Specifics on the CSA and the Fall 2010 Membership Agreement

How To Make a Survival Kit

If you've ever considered making yourself a survival kit (or 72-hour kit, bug-out bag, etc.), you may have ended up like me - pulling out your hair over the unending lists of things you ABSOLUTELY must include.

In an effort to help you, dear reader, as well as myself, I'm trying to organize the overwhelming amount of information I've found into manageable chunks.

How to compost for beginners: the easy 2-trash can method

Trash can composter I admit it: I am a lazy composter. So, when we decided to start composting, I wanted to find the easiest way to handle our kitchen scraps.

Solution? Garbage bin composters = NO MAINTENANCE.

Organic gardening: natural pesticides

We had great success preventing our tomatoes from getting eaten this past summer by using a natural, organic pesticide. There are lots of organic pesticides that you can make on the cheap.

The Perfect Loaf - a Bread Machine Recipe

I finally got the top of my perfect loaf of whole grain, nutty bread to stop falling at the top. Here is the successful recipe: