Twitter highlights for Friday of the 2010 LITA National Forum

conference logoWere you unable to attend the 2010 LITA National Forum in Atlanta? Find twitter streams a bit overwhelming, lacking in context, or chronologically confusing?

Here is your solution: a re-organized, select set of relevant and/or funny tweets for each of the talks given on Friday. Please post comments if I've missed any particularly good tweets!

I'll also be posting links to the slides, when I can find them. I've also posted similar summaries for the other days of the LITA conference, including: Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Preconference I: Redesigning a Website Using Information Architecture Principles (cont.), Jenny Emanuel

  • Jenny Emanuel, University of Illinois was a dynamite speaker on information architecture Already made changes she suggested. #litaforum [hleman]

Preconference II: Virtualize IT: Laying the Foundation for the Library of the Future (cont.), Maurice York

  •  virtualized storage - speed, utilization and redundancy is really important. Can't get 100% utilization out of your storage. [mfrisque
  •  If you can dedup the files you can increase the speed and utilization of virtual storage. Netapp one app that can do this $$ [mfrisque
  • desktop comp resource intensive in virt env - apps are resource hogs, hit the server hard, need lots of resources & storage [mfrisque]
  • the specs for thin client lot different than desktop computer. Like learning a new language when learning the thin client config [mfrisque 
  •  server graphic cards are minimal on servers keep that in mind when choosing your computer client. [mfrisque]
  • things always run faster on the hardware than the software in virtualization. [mfrisque]
  • attending @mauriceyork 's presentation: virtualizing it. it's a pretty easy sell after this week's active directory migration. [debra
  •  old model of IT support desktop/server/helpdesk silos must change will have to work together in a new way to support desktop virt [mfrisque]
  • Refresh cycle on thin clients 6-8 years. Make sure to choose vendor you think will be around that long.  [mfrisque]
  • While total cost of virtual desktops is lower the costs shift. Enterprise capital expenditures increase bcs need more servers. [mfrisque]
  • Costs savings increase in virtual desktop env however it is extended over a longer period of time .... could take up to 6 years. [mfrisque]
  • Additional savings of desktop virtualization can be seen in energy savings. Its green! [mfrisque]
  • It is! RT @julian2 This preconference on desktop virtualization looks hot. Stuff I've thought a little about. [ mfrisque]
  • Keep user density rations high -- that is where desktop virtualization savings are realized [mfrisque]
  •  Provide offline support for user profiles in desktop virtualization. [mfrisque]
  •  Watch the protoc role="navigation"ol development for desktop virtualization. All have room for improvement. Hope promise will be realized soon. [mfrisque 
  • Remember to respect peoples uniqueness in virtual desktop setup. Staff do not want to be linked clones (BSG reference!) [mfrisque
  • Use the opp when moving to new environment to get rid of the old bad desktop management practices. Don't carry them with you. [mfrisque
  • Big question why do you want to virtualization - save $, save energy, etc. to be cool is not a good reason! [mfrisque]
  • Virtualization preconference is done. Great Job Maurice. Thanks for all of your hard work. It was greatly appreciated. [mfrisque]

Opening Keynote: How Wikipedia Really Works, and What This Means for the Nature of "Truth", Amy Bruckman

  • Overhead at #litaforum] (chandelier picture)
  • Spam on wikipedia. Watchlist to keep an eye on pages you care about. [adellefrank]
  •  "I found out my great uncle died on wikipedia" Amy Bruckner [jeanphilli]
  •  Learn by co-constructing personally meaningful projects. [adellefrank
  •  "I found out my great uncle died on wikipedia" Amy Bruckner /"he was undead for a while bc there was no citation" [adellefrank RT @jeanphilli]
  • Co-constructing meaningful projects...useful for workforce development initiatives from the library? MEANINGFUL that is. [danhlawrence]
  • refereed journal articles out of date the minute they are published, wikipedia updated/corrected every second [amyddiane]
  • A peer reviewed journal is out of date the minute it is published. Wiki articles on popular topics are updated constantly. [mfrisque]
  • If a fact is true, but has no citation...wikipedia entry may be removed. What is truth? Social agreement/peer review. [adellefrank]
  • Wikipedia's ONLINE refs checked more often and quickly than PRINT (cause we're all lazy). [adellefrank]
  • New tool from GA Tech: Prove It (gives wysiwyg for Wikipedia, so refs are easier to put in)  [adellefrank] 
  • legitimate peripheral participation [ncolyar]
  • Becoming wikipedian: starts with one edit, gets a watch list, begins to care about site as a whole [acmorton]
  • Amy Bruckman "strangely satisfying to find something wrong and fix it" should be a techie motto! [adellefrank] 
  • LITA Forum Keynote with Amy Bruckman on Wikipedia (Broadcasting live at [ LITAForum]
  •   Loops implyiing facts happen. No cite Wiki article, cited in media then cited in Wiki. Sounds like some peer review research ;p [danhlawrence]
  • Harder to contribute to Wikipedia now, more likely to be deleted. :( Now have to maintain social ties and negotiate politics. [adellefrank]
  • creation & sharing of personally meaningful public artifact as learning activity leads to deep engagement - Bruckman [amyddiane]
  • Amy Bruckman "writing can be a very powerful way to LEARN". True: can't teach without really understanding first. [adellefrank]
  • Wikipedia provides an opportunity for librarians to help bring clarity. [acmorton]
  • What is truth right now even experts are having a hard time agreeing. [mfrisque]
  • Teachable moment for librarians: when the nature of proof is critical TO the USER. [adellefrank]
  • ProveIt wikipedia plugin: [acmorton]
  • Just learned more about Wikipedia and how it actually works. Apparently more reliable than people think.  [Librarian_Liesl]
  • "Always open to deliberate manipulation by an organized form a subgroup to prove your truth" Bruckman [adellefrank]
  • Is there a gender divide in Wikipedia editors/admins? [adellefrank]
  • Useful article as followup to wikipedia talk Advice for scientists who want to become Wikipedia editors [hleman]
  • All 3 keynotes were good but WikiTruth was best. Draws attention to insular/self-referencing nature of academia. Thanks Amy! [RschDev]

Rethinking the Library Game: Creating an Alternate Reality with Social Media, Jason J. Battles, Valerie Glenn, Lindley Shedd (University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa) (Presentation Slides)

Integrating Scholarly Repository Services into Consortial Organizations and Statewide University Systems, Marlee Givens, Keith Gilbertson (Georgia Institute of Technology) (Presentation Slides - PowerPoint) (Presentation Slides - PDF)

  • Consortial repositories: brilliant idea! Go, Georgia! [adellefrank]
  • Central repository 4 METADATA (by discipline) key 2 metasearch cross diff IRs in GA. Reduce barriers 2 use and 2 digitization [adellefrank]
  • Theme for dspace by non-designer difficult. C my poster on Sat. to help w this problem. [adellefrank]
  • Built in oai-pmh harvester in dspace 1.6 [adellefrank]
  • Duracloud cloud hosting for fedora and dspace (alterative to amazon cloud) [adellefrank]
  • Ex plugin contribution: Import full-text pubmed cental articles so can show off local scholars natl work (4 dspace) [adellefrank]
  • Key ga tech dspace contrib: mapping tool so can map local repository records to consortium by discipline. [adellefrank]
  • project site; training & staging site  [adellefrank]
  • Statistics key in getting contributor buy-in for inst repositories. [adellefrank]
  • Difficulties in handling diff content formats in inst repositories? [adellefrank]

Next Generation Vendor Discovery Platforms; Jason Vaughan (University of Nevada - Las Vegas)

  • at #litaforum next gen discovery session. investigations at unlv. [ acbtanya]
  • Jason Vaughan (UNLV) session packed. Too old for floor-sitting. [rulebrit]

Engaging Users and Easing Them Into Your Task-Oriented Library Website Redesign; Justin G. Blum (University of Nevada, Reno)

  • no tweets, anybody takes notes on this one?

The Other IT Crowd:  Managing and Developing Accidental Geeks in the Library; Beatrice Pulliam (Providence College)

  • Listening to @beatricepulliam talk about "The Other IT Crowd" at #litaforum [varnum]
  • QR code made out of thumbtacks. Cool. [mfrisque]
  • The 23 things project helped build collaboration among staff/departments and broke down the dept silos. [mfrisque]
  • 23 things implementation first picked fun and functional projects that had a natural home for continued support once implemented [mfrisque ]
  • 23 things - experiment and if something is not working be okay with letting it go. [mfrisque ]
  • v cool. & PC has an excellent libguide on QR codes. RT @mfrisque: QR code made out of thumbtacks. Cool. [lisacarlucci]
  • check it out RT @mfrisque: QR code made out of thumbtacks. Cool. [amyddiane]

“Quick Search” it is Not: Testing Response Times of Traditional and NextGen Library Catalogs; Nina McHale,  Margaret Brown-Sica (University of Colorado Denver) (Presentation Slides)

  • Getting ready to present "Quick Search" It Is Not: Testing Response Times if NextGen Catalogs. Room 203, c'mon over! #fb [ninermac]
  • loving #litaforum. Best quote of day "every min. spent searching is 1 less min. spent evaluating" the website/source/research. [annehaines  RT @jshira09]

Library One Search: Implementing Web-Scale Discovery in an Academic Research Library; Tammy Allgood (Arizona State University) (Presentation Slides)

  • Come and hear Tammy Allgood from Arizona State University share their experiences with Summon at #litaforum at 3:30pm in room 204 [serialsolutions]
  • FRO (Floor Room Only) at Tammy Allgood's talk on single search boxes on academic library sites. [varnum]
  • OneSearch - faculty wanted an easy way to search for known items so they added search tabs to to search box area. [mfrisque]
  • One search - you spend lots of time and money implementing these tool so spend time creating and imp marketing plan. [mfrisque]
  • One search - using goto meeting to perform usability test for people who are not on site. [mfrisque]
  • One search- vendor said and their data supports database usage went up after it was implemented [mfrisque]

What Can the Cloud Do for Your Teaching? Using Cloud Technologies in Library Instruction; Chanitra Bishop (Indiana University - Bloomington) (Presentation Slides)

Click Analytics: Why Every Click Counts; Tabatha Farney (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) (Presentation Slides)

  • Def "click analytics" where people are clicking on a specific web page - is visualization of this data to make easy fixes [adellefrank]
  •  Free not nec = right tool. Google analytics site overlay not pretty & doesn't track outbound links (catalog), but is clear [adellefrank]
  • Can't export or easily segment site overlay in google analytics [adellefrank]
  • Crazyegg reasonably priced hosted service does click analytics ONLY. So does well. [adellefrank]
  • 11 variables to segment click analytics data in crazyegg. Provides proof to administrators of success/problems [adellefrank]
  • Images more intuitive to click on than text in web pages. [adellefrank]
  • Confetti view can highlight which areas are harder for users to find, so can fix. Visual of crazyegg reports communicates well [adellefrank]
  • Can't export from crazyegg analytics [adellefrank]
  • $19/month for crazyegg basic subscription. Be aware of page limits [adellefrank]
  • Piwik open source analytics software stored on YOUR servers. [adellefrank]
  • Piwik has no click analytics, but can combine with open source clickheat. [adellefrank]
  • Clickheat problem causes page lag, especially when have other tracking scripts on pages. [adellefrank]
  • None of 3 products for click analytics has export functionality. :( [adellefrank]
  • still need usability tests to discover WHY things don't work, click analytics not enough [adellefrank]
  • Data can drive development. Tracking what mobile users are using can lead to focus for a new mobile site [adellefrank]
  • Tough to track outbound links. Important when much of lib site send users offsite to catalog, databases, etc. [adellefrank]
  • For real analytics learning, read kaushik's web analytics 2.0 book [adellefrank]
  • To make google site overlay track outbound, need intermediate page hacks [adellefrank]

OARS:  Toward Automating the Ongoing Subscription Review; Jonathan H. Harwell (Georgia Southern University), Geoffrey P. Timms (Mercer University) (Presentation Slides)

  • no tweets :(

eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit – Take Control of Library Websites and Metadata; Péter Király (eXtensible Catalog) (Presentation Slides) (Paper)

  • Next eXtensible catalog drupal toolkit [jenmasc]
  • Cck node 4 instead of metadata nodes for denver library. I missed the diff here? [adellefrank]
  • Given power and well-structuredness of extensible catalog, I hope it has good training videos & documentation! [adellefrank]
  • Possible php security issue with theming work-around in extensible catalog, but is optional feature. [adellefrank]
  • Very advanced customization of search index with web forms (no coding) in extensible catalog. [adellefrank]
  • For people who have to do web design, but are not designers: my funnily-sketched poster has tips for YOU. Saturday 4-6 [adellefrank]
  • Map to location of resource/book in extensible catalog. [adellefrank]
  • I wonder when extensible catalog will be in drupal 7? It correctly uses a lot of other drupal modules and has many dependencies [adellefrank]
  • Well-thought-out interface field choices for user's account in extensible catalog. I.e. Overdue is next to renew option. [adellefrank]
  • Query, text field and date facet types exist and can be customized in extensible catalog for drupal. [adellefrank]
  • Can create different facet settings and options for diff groups of users in extensible catalog [adellefrank]
  • "Date facet can be narrowed to milliseconds, but in library catalogs there's no need, so extensible catalog just goes to year" [adellefrank]
  • Really impressed with "keyword in context" feature in extensible catalog search for drupal.
  • Worldcat identities page is slow, but interesting. [adellefrank]
  • LOVING details of XC Schema tab for bibliographic record in extensible catalog! And that XC focuses on SUBJECT for related items. [adellefrank]
  • We added exporting features in August. If you have any questions, contacts us at [RT @crazyegg @adellefrank]
  • FRBR still work in progress for displaying related items in extensible catalog [adellefrank]
  • Does AJAX use in eXtensible catalog (I assume jquery) slow down interface response? [adellefrank]
  • Great keyword phrase display in search results and bookcover for eXtensible catalog. [adellefrank]
  • EXtensible catalog demo site will be live in a few weeks. Nicely faceted search options on left! [adellefrank]
  • Drupal eXtensible catalog toolkit will eventually provide SINGLE user interface for all sources of library content. [adellefrank]
  • NCIP is protoc role="navigation"ol for circulation status, used in eXtensible catalog [adellefrank]
  • eXtensible catalog puts new front-end on existing ILS MARC records [adellefrank]
  • Drupal EXtensible Catalog has large partners, positive for long term sustainability. [adellefrank]
  • eXtensible catalog for drupal uses FRBR model, takes RDA into account [adellefrank]
  • Can change no. of links displayed for specific facets in extensible facets. [adellefrank]

Lightning Talks 1 (Presentation Slides by Erin White)

  • oh lightening talks where ppl just stand up and volunteer. my kind of ppl. [wanderingeyre]
  • in the medical field or interested in it and need a grant? look at gr8 resource #lighteningtalks [wanderingeyre]
  • steals the show at the first lightning round [acbtanya]
  • Way cool: [varnum]
  • I just tried adding a link to ScanGrants to the Wikipedia page on "Research Funding." We'll see if it gets deleted again. Sigh! [helman]
  • On the Go - What Your Users Really Want; Diane Butler (Rice University) (contains links to slides)

  • Users don't understand term "interlibrary loan" (in mobile session) [jeanphilli]

DLO to Go: Fostering Instructional Use of New Media; Nardina N. Mein, Jon McGlone , Joshua Neds-Fox (Wayne State University) (Presentation Slides)

  • no tweets :(

Understanding Undergraduate Millennial Student Search Behaviors; Brandi Porter (Mount Aloysius College)

  • Google has absolutely programmed undergraduate search behavior. Interesting implications for interfaces. / Brandi Porter talk, [ bmljenny]

    Making your IT skills virtual:  tools for learning how to implement and administer cloud-based systems; Erik Mitchell, Jean-Paul Bessou, Kevin Gilbertson (Wake Forest University) (Presentation Slides)

  • Absolutely packed house for Erik Mitchell et al from Wake Forest talking cloud. Floor room only! [julian2]
  • Good survey of the different cloud models. Private v public, software v platform v infrastructure. Some can mix. [julian2]
  • SaaS - Serials Solutions. PaaS - your typical web host. IaaS - Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2.  [julian2]
  • To go cloud, service level agreements are HUGE. Also, security (LDAP, SSL, keys, etc.) and user access. [julian2]
  • Best part of IaaS cloud - if you outgrow your digs, it's easy to move to a bigger house. No pesky movers and packing required. [julian2]
  • If you want to do cloud, and your library doesn't do its own IT, get to know monitoring, backups, help desk. Don't skimp on this! [julian2]
  • Fun Memes & Closing Thoughts

  • More crossover between #LITAForum #ALA and #ghc10 #ghc2010. With #ghc10 tweetage, saw a lot of the word "inspirational."]
  • Fun observation of the day. Our hotel is shaped like the Cylon Basestar ship. [mfrisque]
  • Answering my own question: Looks like Amy Bruckman is on a #ghc10 panel before #litaforum keynote later.]
  • Corner bakery cafe, great 4 breakfast, waiting 4 #litaforumjeanphilli]
  • 2011 proposals call at reg table. Paul Keith is 2011 chair [ adellefrank]
  • long breaks are purposeful for networking and connecting [adellefrank]
  • nope, just everywhere else, no wifi in mtg rooms (read on lita connect page) [jenmasc @acmorton]
  • Living the #litaforum vicariously through Twitter [infogena]
  • By default, I stick out. However, I'm easy to find today. By pure coincidence, I'm wearing LITA's colors today (teal and black). [julian2]
  • Never seen so many iPads in one room before [rulebrit]
  • If you notice name tags with red text it means they are first time #litaforum attendees. Make sure to say hi to them make them feel welcome. [mfrisque]
  • Anyone want to split a taxi to the braves game? [LITAForum RT @AlicatServer: @LITAForum]
  • Spent the morning at #ghc10, & the afternoon at #litaforum. The differences: more iPads & paper at the forum, more laptops at Grace Hopper. [chawnerb]
  • tired, but looking fwd to digging into conference. Props 2 LITA for only handing out a foldable schedule. Look Ma, no paper! [beatricepulliam]
  • Thanks to LITA Office for pulling off surprise visit (at least to me!) by the Coca Cola Bear. Still smiling thinking about it. [mfrisque]
  • Shots are up from Coca Cola mascot's appearance at #litaforum -  [bmljenny]