About this Site

My prosthetic memory, er ... I mean, my blog

I don't post to this web site primarily to inform others; although I hope that my thoughts are, at least occasionally, useful to the rest of the world.

No, I post because it gives me a nice, central repository in which to type up my thoughts and the things that I learn.


Because drupal is great at indexing my posts, I can search for things I want to remember, without ACTUALLY having to pack my brain full of too many details.

Also, it can be fun to track the way my thinking changes and evolves over time.  Not that I'm narcissistic, mind you! :)


This is my personal blog, which means that the opinions expressed here are mine, and not my employer's. Oh, and those thoughts are often in a protozoaical phase of evolution, so don't take them as gospel.

I don't accept any funding or advertising money, so the various products or events that I review or recommend only suffer from the usual biases that rattle around in my head.