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General James Hedges

James Hedges, Letters to the Surveyor General, 1809-1811

Hedges signature from one of these lettersFour letters sent by James Hedges (while in St. Clairsville, Belmont, Ohio) to Jared Mansfield (U.S. Surveyor General) from 1809 to 1811. Note that James was not listed in the index to volume 1 or 4 of these collections. Download the images of these letters as a PDF (6 MB).

Estate of James Hedges of Ohio, 1854-1858

header of estate papers An abstract of basic facts, as well as links to the estate records for General James Hedges of Mansfield, Richland, Ohio (United States), from 1854 through 1858. I have another blog post that gives an abstract and transcript of James' will.

Profile of Henry C. Hedges of Mansfield from historical Ohio book in 1891

start of henry's entry in book Profile of Henry C. Hedges of Mansfield (with helpful details about extended family, including General James) from historical Ohio book in 1891.

James Hedges of Ohio in Army registers, 1812-1815

example army register entry listing James as a Captain in 1814The federal military career of James Hedges (Mansfield, Richland, Ohio) in the War of 1812, as given in United States Army register lists. James was in the regular army and not in the state militia, though he may have been in the militia after the War of 1812.

Last Will and Testament of "General" James Hedges of Richland, Ohio (Transcript)

signature, possibly original, of James HedgesThe Last Will and Testament of a military ancestor of mine: "General" James Hedges, who died in October 1854 near Mansfield, Ohio in the United States. It's possible that the signature you see in this image may be his original handwriting!

Updated: now includes an abstract, at the beginning of the post, which highlights the key dates, people, and property mentioned in this will.

Profile of James Hedges (d. 1854) from historical Richland county (Ohio) book in 1880

building sketch with hedges block caption Profile of Gen. James Hedges (d. 1854) from historical Richland county (Ohio) book in 1880.

Letter about skirmish involving James Hedges from Sandusky, Ohio in 1813

header of articleReport from Chilcothe letter via Lexington, Kentucky newspaper of James Hedges' involvement in a skirmish near Fort Stephenson, Sandusky, Ohio in 1813.

Army appointment of James Hedges from Belmont, Ohio in 1812

header of articleReport in 1812 (originally from Belmont, Ohio newspaper) via Marietta newspaper of James Hedges' appointment in the U.S. Army, at same time as Joseph Larwell's commission.

Obituary of "General" James Hedges from Ashland (Ohio) Union in 1854

header of obituary from newspaper An obituary for "General" James Hedges of Mansfield, Ohio from 1854.