Local, organic produce share for $350 from the Small Farms CSA (Fall 2010)

A summary of the goodies that we got in our Fall/Winter share from our our local CSA (Small Farms, run by the Love is Love farm).

As Joe said, it truly was "the season of roots and greens"!

I've broken the produce out by type of vegetable and, as you can see by the total numbers at the top, we got A HUGE AMOUNT of leafy greens, roots, and vegetable fruits. I've also tried to include some of my thoughts on each item, either recipes or storage or just general reflections.


Total for each type of produce, roughly ordered by amount:

  • 114 oz, 10 bags & 5 ct. leafy greens;
  • 167 oz. & 30 ct. vegetable fruits
  • 193 oz. & 11ct. roots;
  • 105 oz. tubers
  • 90 oz. beans & nuts
  • 6 bags herbs;
  • 16 oz. & 36 ct. non-produce;
  • 24 oz. flower heads
  • 6 oz. fungi; and
  • 4 ct. orchard fruit.

Beans & Nuts

12 oz.
soybeans (edamame)
soybean closeup

We'll probably just steam them and put a little sea salt or kosher salt on them.


22 oz.
Kentucky wonder snap beans
Green beans

Nina tells me that the main difference in green beans is between snap and pole beans.

These delectable beans are SNAP, indeed! And very tender.

56 oz.red ripper crowder cowpeas, unshelled Crowder cowpeas, unshelled

These babies are a bit hard to shell, but delicioso!

It's been YEARS since I shelled peas. And, let me tell you: I now understand why it used to take place in groups...so you'd have something to keep you from running out of patience! :)

Cowpea Chow Chow

Flower heads

24 oz.
broccoli bunch




6 oz.shitake mushrooms
shitake mushroom

Grown on hard wood logs!




6 bagssweet basil
Sweet basil, green and purple

I see more Pesto and bruschetta in our future!


Leafy Greens

3 bags
braising greens
braising greens

A mixture of greens good for wilting or braising, such as: turnip, kale, collard, sweet potato, swiss chard.

Good braised with diced tomatoes and then seasoned with chili garlic sauce.

However, we usually prefer to cook our green types separately (as there are different ways to make each green shine).

25 oz.
sugarloaf endive
purple-topped turnips (greens attached)sugarloaf endive

A slightly more bitter taste than other salad/cabbage greens.

But they are less bitter on the inside, near the heart.

I feel like this should be some sort of karmic metaphor. :)

35 oz.

These have a great, nutty flavor and are good on sandwiches, in salads, and stir fried with wine vinegar.


15 oz.
swiss & rainbow chard
purple-topped turnips (greens attached)swiss chard

It's important to cook the leaves differently than the stems.

The leaves are very spinach-like, but the stems are tougher and are best when roasted with some canola spray and parmesan cheese.

24 oz.
cabbage, regular
round head cabbage

E. makes the most delicious stir fry with this and onions, turkey pepperoni, and low-sodium soy sauce.


6 bagssalad mix
salad mix

Sometimes it would have endive in it, giving it a bit more bite than some of the earlier bags of salad mix.


91 oz.
napa cabbage
napa cabbage

These were delicious, even better than regular cabbage!


4 stalksbok choybok choy

 Nom. Nom. Nom.


1 bagturnip greensturnip greens in bag

 Good wilted in a pan.


romaine head
head of romaine

Good, solid salad lettuce.


9 ozsweet potato greensgreens

These have an intriguing, somewhat nutty flavor.

We still haven't figured out how best to cook them, however.

Orchard Fruit

4 (ct)
bartlett pears
Bartlett pears with mortar and pestle in background

Small, but very sweet.



11 oz.
purple-topped turnips (greens attached)carrots

Very sweet!  We used the greens to make pesto.


5 (ct)
daikon radishes
daikon radishes

Makes my favorite Korean soup recipe (see recipes by drbenkim and dishgracepoint).

94 oz.
sweet white doll turnips
sweet turnips (greens attached)

We chopped them into cubes; added a small, cubed potato; boiled it all, then made mashed (or, possibly pureed) turnips!

These are also good as cubes in a hearty soup or stew.

The greens were still attached, so we cut them off and wilted them in a sautee pan with last week's wilting greens.

I ran out of ideas for how to cook the greens, though.

6 (ct)watermelon radishes
watermelon radishwatermelon radish

Joe suggested I slice these VERY thinly and eat with buttered bread.


18 oz.

purple-topped turnips
purple-topped turnips (greens attached)purple-topped turnips (greens attached)

The key to cooking with these more-pungent turnips seems to be dicing them up small or slicing them thinly.

24 oz.
beetsbeets with greens

Yummy when roasted in the oven!

As with all roots, I'm now cutting off the greens as soon as we get them and am NOT storing them in the refrigerator, but in a dark, dry location (i.e. my empty crockpot).

I julienned a few of the smaller beets and put them in the some similarly-cut sweet radishes that I'm pickling in a bread & butter pickle juice in the refrigerator.

I'll probably julienne the remaining beets and throw them on a salad.

46 oz.
salad radishes
Radish bunch

E. found a great side dish recipe of braised radishes with onion and honey sauce.

I wish we liked the greens more, but at least the compost bins appreciate them. :)

We ran out of recipes for these, I'll have to find more ways to use radishes for next fall.


105 oz.
sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes

Did you know that sweet potatoes cure?  The longer they sit, after being de-greened and dug up, the higher sugar content they get.

Joe lets his cure for 2 weeks, which gives them a wonderful, subtle sugariness...we REALLY enjoyed using these potatoes with just a hint of sweetness!

E. found a GREAT recipe with these and tomatoes and eggplants.

Vegetable fruits

17 (ct)
Japanese eggplants

These got smaller in size as the season progressed, but were perfect for E's eggplant chips!

Spicy Garlic sauce

I tend to like the Japanese better than the round ones, although I'm still not a huge eggplant fan.

109 oz.
sweet peppers
Sweet peppers

We found the small purple variety bitter, unless I sautee or otherwise cook them.

But the green and red ones were SWEET and crunchy!

8 (ct)
green tomatoes
green tomato

Yum - you can have fried green tomato slices, without any breading and just a light frying in a pan.

They are heavenly.

58 oz.
okraOkra, red and green

My favorite discovery: these are absolutely DELICIOUS raw. 

E. also likes them skewered and roasted on the grill.

1 (ct)
butternut squash
Butternut squash

We used some of our shitake mushrooms and made that famous gruyere cheese, mushroom and butternut squash casserole recipe.

2 (ct)
round eggplants

I still like the Japanese eggplant better, but eggplant lasagna helps me enjoy these.

16 oz.
cherry tomatoescherry tomatoesI eat these like candy. No recipes needed.
2 (ct)
tomatoes Tomatoes Yummy.


36 (ct)
eggs6 brown eggs

 Amazing eggs is right.

These were a wonderful, tasty source of protein for us. E. made a killer souffle with these and the goat cheese.

16 oz.
goat cheese
goat cheese

Very strong and smooth goat cheese.

Spreadable or good in omelets.


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