Capstone strategy for UNT Library Science

UNT Library & Information ScienceAs the capstone, or comprehensive evaluation approaches for the first Georgia cohort of the UNT LIS program, I am doing my usual over-preparation.  As I was preparing, I thought the steps I used might be useful to others in my cohort, so here they are:

  1. Reset UNT password, so it won't need to be changed in the middle of capstone.
  2. Create 3 folders for each essay, with subfolders for articles or however you organize such things.
  3. Create 3 blank, formatted documents for each capstone essay in those folders, with header and margins and other formatting.
  4. Collect bookmarks especially for referencing during capstone.
  5. Risk management: multiple places to save (email, usb drive, hard drive, etc.) and multiple places to access the internet, multiple computers that could be used. I may even run full scans with various anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  6. Consider creating accounts in most-used databases (LISTA, LISA, LLIS) for saving searches.
  7. Run some test searches, to make sure you can login to netlibrary and the important databases (or that you remember your login).
  8. Download, review, organize and archive all of the discussions in the Capstone Blackboard site, using the create printable view feature.
  9. Download, review, organize and archive all chats and resources from the Capstone Blackboard site.
  10. Organize citations (in RefWorks, Zotero, etc.) from prior class work.
  11. Organize readings and work from prior classes - perhaps into binders (or into folders on your computer, if you saved them electronically). Especially focus on CORE course materials (5000, 5200, 5600).
  12. Plan a timeline, strategy, and location for attacking these 3 essays.
Jolanta's Approved document format for capstone26.5 KB


Kai Williams Slaton

Other Tips 2

If you have a Delicious bookmark account (like Adelle), log into your account. Select SAVE next to each site and it will save in YOUR bookmark account. Just passing along everything I can to make this process easier for everyone.

Kai Williams Slaton

Other Tips

Also consider saving any articles you download in a similar format. For instance, I save all my articles with the author's last name, year of publication and Title (ex. Frank_2010_Capstone Tips).

Don't forget that your eagle account email also comes with a 25GB Skydrive. This is an excellent place to back up your information (in addition to your laptop, sending to yourself via email, thumbdrive and smoke signals).

Adelle Frank

Thanks for the tips!

Thanks, Kai, these will really help me stay organized (and be less distracted) during capstone!!