Presenting: the "Adelle" theme for Drupal 6

Drupal cms logoWhen I first started blogging back in 2008, I decided to use drupal as the behind-the-scenes software. I'd been in love with it for years, ever since using version 4 at work. But, my goodness, the trials of getting it to look nice!

Herein you will find my journey through 2 themes to this beautiful design you see in front of you now.

Zen theme logo2008: Adopting a Theme

Since I was new to making drupal look prettier (or "theming", as I came to learn it was called), I took the advice of pretty much everyone and started with the Zen theme.

Sadly, I had little time to devote to figuring out drupal theming, and the documentation back then was rather sparse. Conveniently, Zen came with a lovely, minimalist theme called Zen Classic (based on an open source theme called Deliciously Blue).

As you can probably guess, I chose the easy road and installed Zen Classic.

2009: Death & Mourning of a Theme

Imagine my shock when, the VERY next year, Zen Classic was killed off!

And, so, for the next year and a half, every time I logged in to my site, it would give me a lovely warning note that I had modules and themes that were out of date.

theme out of date error message

Most of the time, this meant the Zen theme, which I dared not update since I didn't have time to troubleshoot any problems changing the theme might entail.

2010: Birth of a New Theme

Then, in the summer of 2010, after finally finishing the degree program that I'd been pursuing while working full-time, I miraculously had free time.

Thus began the accelerated gestation period of a new theme, one that I modestly call:





Pictures of Cute, New Theme by a proud parent

Header for Site


Header Before



Header After


Popular Posts Block

Before                    After

Popular posts block Before Popular posts block After


Individual Blog Post


Blog post Before


Blog post After


Blog Post Listing by Term


Blog post Listing by Term Before


Blog post Listing by Term After


Adelle Frank

Thanks! Next up...recipe site?

I'm thinking of creating a drupal site to track healthy and delicious recipes next...we'll see how this whole free time thing works out. :)


This is an awesome theme

Well done Adelle - who knew a little free time could result in such a crisp, attractive theme.

Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve...