Views can Show that! (DrupalCamp Chattanooga 2015)

Drupal icon with railroad engineer hatEnjoy the slides from my DrupalCamp Chattanooga session on November 7, 2015.

Session description

Have you heard of these mysterious "Views" and wondered why they are so LOVED?

Learn about a module so useful that it now comes standard with Drupal 8. Join me for some key concepts and a few laughs. But don't panic: there are no deep, geeky waters here! This fun-filled session will help people who are new to Drupal (or to Views) understand what this module can do for YOU and explain common points of confusion.

Topics covered

  • What is Views?
  • Examples
  • Formats and Fields
  • View modes and Displays
  • Filters and Sorting
  • Permissions
  • Contextual filters
  • Relationships


  • No coding allowed! We will only use the great and powerful GRAPHICAL admin interface, some hand gestures, and a few photos.
  • A rollicking good time is not guaranteed, but is highly likely, and audience participation is encouraged.
  • Views experts are also welcome - and will be especially appreciated if you can help answer advanced questions.

What are YOUR favorite Views?

If you have used Views before, I'd love to hear about your most delicious views experiences and types. Which views made you jump up and down with GUI happiness? (Please post them in the comments for this session: I'm always looking for good examples to make my presentation even more relevant and fun!)