5 Reasons Why I love Oxygen XML and you should, too

This software makes it possible for me to spend days in the depths of XML and XSL and not go totally insane. Here are my 5 reasons for loving this XML editing software.

Price. $64 for Academics (I got mine as a gift from my mother-in-law: "Thanks, R!").

Purchase prices for oXygen XML Editor

The save-my-bacon, I absolutely adore it, plus: Automatic Indenting.  Even when I get 23,000 lines of code in ONE, long string, pushing this little button in the top toolbar will turn it into nicely-formatted and well-indented code I can actually read.

Auto indexing button

Collapse/Expand feature for long documents. A right-click on those lovely blue arrows to the left of the screen, and I can collapse thousands of lines in the blink of an eye!  This is really helpful, because I have a lot of index XML to style and usually only need to see one page example's code at a time, not all 23,000 lines. You will also notice the syntax coloring in the code, a fairly basic feature, but always appreciated.

Collapse/Expand feature


Finally, I find the code suggestion feature helpful, for all those details about an element or function that I don't want to have to look up.

Code suggestion feature