The Ongoing Web Revolution

Abstract: The necessary next leap for libraries – which users have already taken with Web 2.0 – is to become both online and social. This article proposes ways in which this Library 2.0 paradigm of community and collaboration has been and can be further implemented.


Adapting traditional library skills (metadata standards, for instance) to the digital environment is, of course, essential. My concern is that this is not happening quickly enough. One area that needs more speedy adoption is Web 2.0. Because of its collaborative and personal nature, it will allow us to bring our specialized skills and services directly to the user, wherever they may be. The goal is to make this virtual space (as, hopefully, we also strive to make our physical space) be welcoming, collaborative and useful.

The Ongoing Web Revolution. (2007). Library Technology Reports, 43(5), 10-14. Retrieved September 2, 2008, from Academic Search Complete database.