How to Write a Marketing Plan

Abstract: Stressing the importance of marketing for the bottom line, Kassel gives seven steps for creating a marketing plan after you've defined your target market and understood its needs.

These steps are:

  1. prepare a mission statement;
  2. list and describe target or niche markets;
  3. describe your services;
  4. spell out marketing and promotional strategies;
  5. identify and understand the competition;
  6. establish marketing goals that are quantifiable; and
  7. monitor your results carefully.


I like that Kassel opens with "define your target market and understand its needs" and ends by recommending assessment.

However, I disagree with the way she downplays direct selling. I think that one-on-one, in-person marketing often nets more gain then other channels. Much successful marketing these days is done through the personal touch and succeeds through informal word-of-mouth channels (see Spohr).

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