Make it simple: 4 web design strategies

Remote control, originalLearn the 2 Laws of Simplicity, 4 solutions for creating simplicity (with fun remote control images), and 6 strategies for simplicity in design. Or, as Albert Einstein explained, how to "make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience."

This presentation was given by Giles Colborne at the IA Summit 2010, in Phoenix, AZ. You can view this presentation on Slideshare.



2 Laws of Simplicity reminiscent of Einstein's laws!

  1. Complexity is never eliminated, merely reduced and displaced.

  2. Simplicity is an experience that happens in the user's head.


4 Solutions for Creating Simplicity

A number of these are similar to steps from the checklist for visually explicit design at 2009's IA Summit.


How would YOU simplify the design of this remote control?

Remote control, original

1. Remove Features (align features with what's CORE)

Remove features from remote control

2. Hide Features (where people will find them)

Hide features from remote control

3. Group Features

Group features on remote control

4. Displace Features

Displace features off of remote control

6 Strategies for Simplicity in Design

  1. Determine what is core

  2. Make your experience compact

  3. Align the experience to what’s core

  4. Rely on existing user knowledge

  5. Decide where you want to place complexity

  6. Trust the user