Copyright in a Social World

Abstract: Miller gives a basic overview of and urges that students be educated in copyright law. She notes copyright's implications for online social networking using three web 2.0 examples: YouTube, MySpace, and Flickr. Finally, she discusses plagiarism both by students and of students' work.


By sharing your content, you can lose the ability to control it, but you can also get feedback, fame, and opportunities. Miller is correct in urging that students be educated in copyright for very practical concerns in online social settings.

But it is even MORE important, I think, that they be educated in privacy for those same settings. So few people seem to realize the scope of the personal information that they are revealing online and the implications it can have for: identity theft, future job prospects, etc.

Miller, K. M. (2008). Copyright in a Social World. MultiMedia & Internet@Schools, 15(3), 14-16. Retrieved October 12, 2008, from Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts Full Text.