Copyright Compliance in your Library

Abstract: Harris urges compliance with copyright through education and a written policy. She offers a very brief overview of the history of copyright. Finally, Harris describes how widespread copying in the digital age has led to more copyright enforcement, particularly against individuals.


I have to disagree with Harris about the importance of copyright enforcement. I have much more sympathy for the open access philosophy as one that accelerates knowledge proliferation to and among the public. It will eventually come to light that little of copyright enforcement seems to benefit the original creator and most of it benefits large corporations. I think that the fear tactics used by big corporations of bringing copyright suits against individuals, will eventually become so ludicrous that societal mores will shift in favor of the public domain over individuals' copyrights.

Harris, L. E. (2008). Copyright Compliance in your Library. Information Outlook, 12(6), 73-75. Retrieved October 12, 2008.