RDF: Resource Description Framework (a class presentation)

Why should I care about RDF?

Computers can help YOU find stuff easier on the web, because RDF gives computers a better "understanding" of that information.

computer sees vs. human sees

Two Parts of RDF: Part 1 (Model)


  A Triple: Subject-Predicate-Object A Triple: 2 URIs and a Literal A Triple: 3 URIs
  1. Statements/Triples (Subject -- Predicate --> Object)
  2. Resources/Nodes
  3. Identification/Naming (URIs, CURIEs & Literals)

Why Use RDF?

  • Computers can exchange and share data
  • Syntax-independent
  • Allows combining of various vocabularies
  • Can create mash-ups of data for new purposes
  • Makes the web more accessible

Why NOT Use RDF?

One word: SYNTAX.

Two Parts of RDF: Part 2 (Syntax)

  • RDFa

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